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Wear it wrapped or with both ends laying down, this veil is my personal favorite in the collection. The pastel rose pattern is embellished by matching floral embroidery which makes this design all the more beautiful.

Only one side of the veil is finished with white floral lace.


Measures approx. 20” by 72” inches. This is a longer scarf veil.


NOTE: Scarf/Rectangle veils do NOT come with a comb clip.




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PRE-ORDER | Everlasting Life Scarf Wrap Veil

  • Handwash in cold or slightly warm water, and carefully lay flat to dry. Avoid drying material in the sun or ironing. Do not wring, soak or bleach.

    It is recommended to have a separate pouch for veils as other items in a purse or bag may scrape/tear against the delicate lace.

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